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The party is running for their lives as you beaten the dragon boss and stolen the treasure. Now there are minions and obstacles in your way as the party tries to escape!

You need to avoid obstacles or use your abilities to navigate towards the end of the level. Watch out as your party starts with 10 health that will carry over to the next level along with your arrow count.

Any obstacles hit will reduce health by 1.

Try your best to avoid obstacles and use your abilities wisely as they are on cooldown and can be used to destroy certain objects.

5 Levels with the 5th level having a boss :)

Controls: (Controller Only)

  • Move - joystick left to right to move to different lanes
  • A - Party jumps to avoid fallen logs
  • B - The knight's slash that will destroy webs and dragons. Use wisely as the knight will need time to get her broadsword in position to swing again
  • Y - Archer shoots arrows at dragons and targets. Use them wisely as you only have 5
  • X - Mage will cast a shield over the party to protect them from dragons, targets, and webs. Use wisely as the mage needs time to prepare after each use.

Timelapse (GameJam):


The Sequel To The Prequel That Never Happened 1.2.zip 39 MB
(Old) The Sequel To The Prequel That Never Happened - Jam Submission.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

Unzip with zip file.

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