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Welcome to the game Prison Break!

As the name suggests, your goal is to guide your prisoner to the exit of each of the 7 levels while avoiding enemies and making appropriate commands for your prisoner to follow.


  • Left Click - Show Commands from object (Plan Mode)
  • Left Click - Create Sound at Mouse Position (Play Mode)
  • Right Click - Hide Commands
  • WASD - Move Camera
  • Hold Shift - Faster Camera Speed
  • Scroll - Zoom in & out
  • Esc - Go back to Main Menu
  • R - Quick Reset
  • P - Skip Level

Team for Prison Break:

  •     Ramil Hinshaw
  •     Daniel Johnico
  •     Morgan Padgett
  •     Austin Branson

   -Programmer: Ramil Hinshaw
   -GUI/Shader Designer: Daniel Johnico
   -3D Environment Modeler: Austin Branson
   -Character Model/Animations: Morgan Padgett
   -Level Design: Ramil Hinshaw & Daniel Johnico

*Prison Break was made in Kelly Johnson's Game Design 3 course at Wichita State University

Special Thanks to SoundDogs, Muz Station Productions & DOTween


GD3 Project 2 Submission.rar 27 MB
Prison Break 1.0.rar (Latest) 32 MB

Install instructions

Unzip with winrar or 7zip and run executable

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