A downloadable game for Windows

Made in 48 hours for the ICT Winter 2020 Gamejam with the theme

"End of the World"

Simple shooter game made in a team of 5 people.

Recommend to player with controller.


Strange Colored zombies have invaded! Defend the village as long as you can with one of the following randomly selected characters, each with the own unique weapon. Also there is friendly fire :D

CthulhuUses an Orb Gun that fires long lasting powerful projectiles on to the map.
A Big Cat
A faster character who uses a rapid machine gun to keep the horde at bay.
Old Man
Equip with a powerful pulse rife that can easily take out the big baddies. Also equipped with a barrier gun to keep those fast moving zombies away from this frail character.
Grim Reaper
Has a flamethrower that does a lot of damage up close. A powerful weapon to clear zombies clustered together.
PenguinThe support character that has a blow gun that can blow zombies away and does very little damage. Also has a heal gun that can heal other players, yourself, and even the zombies.
Left Stick - Movement
Right Stick - Look Direction
Left Bumper - Sprint
Right Bumper - Switch Weapons
Right Trigger - Shoot
Y - Reload

Player 1 can also use mouse and keyboard (Experimental), best for singleplayer

Player 1 ONLY
WASD - Movement
Mouse Cursor - Look Direction
RMB - Fire
LMB - Switch Weapons
Alt - Reload
Escape - Escapes Level
R - Reload Level

Made By the Team "We Like Cats"

  • Ramil Hinshaw
  • Desiree Hinshaw
  • Tiffany Huynh
  • Evan Houck
  • Thien Nguyen
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsRamil Hinshaw, Evan H
TagsGame Jam, ictgamejam, Low-poly, Multiplayer


Poly Panic - GameJam Submission.rar 28 MB
Poly Panic 1.1.rar 69 MB

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Extract with winrar or 7zip

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