A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the ICT Winter 2021 Gamejam
Theme: Lost and Found

Lost At Sea is a game very similar to the game battleship except with the use of playing cards.

You don't need to fire at each segment of the ship but instead must fire at the enemy's ships multiple times to decrease the health.

Orange line on the grid shows you previous shot as the dark red are shots taken further in the past.

You win if you take out all your opponent's ships.

  • Controls:
    R: Rotate your selection on the grid menu
    Mouse: To select your cards

Ramil Hinshaw - Programmer
Adam Armijo - Games User Researcher
Desi Hinshaw - 3D Modeling
Joe Mazzara - Audio Production


Lost at Sea V0.5 (Gamejam version).zip 30 MB


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10/10 would "ship"