A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the ICT summer 2019 Game Jam in 48 hours with the theme "Start from nothing".

Play as a kitty and roll the ball to collect goodies. Katamari Demacy inspired game.

Game was made in 48 hours, so is currently limited. Gameplay at the moment is the player rolls the ball for 1 minute and 30 seconds where it will display your end score.



Movement: WASD

Camera: Hold Right mouse button and move


Movement: Left Stick

Camera: Right Stick

Download newest version for better performance/playability!



Kitty Poly 1.2 MP.7z 19 MB
Kitty Poly 1.1.zip 26 MB
Kitty Poly ICT Submission.zip 27 MB

Development log


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That is a great game,  but there are some things you should add for the next update.

First you should have the world zoom out every time you reach a certain size. Second you should add more Levels and objectives.

Extending the timer to at lest 3 minutes would also be great!

Thanks, will definitely look into it. The camera does zoom out but not as accurate as I would like to. The timer use to be longer but I discovered the players break the level past the 2:00 minute mark so I had to limit it for the booth here. I do plan on adding more levels and objectives since I don't have the 48 hour time constraint now. But definitely appreciate the feedback! :D

When will the update be ready?