A downloadable game for Windows

Defend your fort from the angry forest dwellers.

This is a cute tower defense game that was made in 48 hours with just me in the team.

Like all my other game jams, I didn't have much time fully implementing everything I wanted to in the game but I'm still pleased with the results.


WASD: Pans Camera
Scroll: Zoom Camera
R: Reload
Left Mouse Btn: Shoot
Red Button: Nukes to next wave *No animations or effects :/
Money: Didn't have enough time for upgrades

There are two version of this game. The patched and unpatched version.

Patch simply fixes a problem that prevented the player from going past wave 2 and added a health bar. The other version is the one that was submitted to the ITC GameJam with the problems :| 

The red button is suppose to be the nuke button. If you scroll up you will notice there is a plane with a nuke in the sky. That was suppose to drop the nuke, but sadly I ran out of time to implement that so the red button is a one time use that skips to the next wave.


Made for the ICT Winter Game Jam of 2018: https://itch.io/jam/2018-february-ict-game-jam


AttackOfTheForestCreatures Patched.zip 12 MB
ITC Submission (This one has the bug).7z 9 MB


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Hi! I played your game and enjoyed it, where did the rabbits learn to ride deers? I hop eyou don't mind I did a video of it along with some other gems on Itch

I don't mind at all. I'm very pleased you played my short game and enjoyed it. This might be silly but my favorite part is you being the first person recognizing the animal as a deer that I horribly modeled. Everyone thought it was a 4 legged kangaroo or something XD. Very appreciated you played my game and I'm very honored you took the time to spotlight it.

Hello! Thanks for the dm. Are people blind, of course they are deer! They like to hop is all. I thought it was good fun and well made and i hope other people play it too.